What’s the difference between a canopy and a tent?  It’s really all the same. The canopy is the top or basically a tent without walls. We have them in several sizes to fit your space. However, you can add solid walls, window walls or clear walls to any canopy. Party Pronto has tent leg covers (white vinyl material like the canopy itself). We also have fabric canopy liners.  You can complete your set-up with lighting and tent heaters.

Canopies or tents work perfectly for backyards and events like graduation, birthday and anniversary parties.  They can be set up on grass and staked into the ground, or they can be set up on cement or asphalt and weighted down with blocks or water barrels. Festival tents have a pointed top and a jaunty little flag on top and take a little more time to set up.

10×10 fits 1 long tables or 1 round table, about 10 guests

10×20 fits 3 long tables or 2 round tables, about 20 guests

10×25 fits 4 long tables or 3 round tables, about 30 guests

10×30 fits 4 long tables or 3 round tables, about 30 guests

20×20 fits 6 long tables or 5 round tables, about 50 guests (available Festival or Scalloped Edge)

20×30 fits 9 long tables or 8 round tables, about 80 guests

20×40 fits 12 long tables or 11 round tables, about 100 guests

30×30 fits 13 long tables or 12 round tables, about 120 guests

30×40 fits 15 long tables or 12 round tables, about 140 guests

(long tables are 6-feet long, round tables are 60″ round)

Overnight rental for your backyard.
(Setup on day of party and
pickup the following day.)
All day rental for parks.

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